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In this blog the ‘changing your mind’ techniques SODA and ASK YOURSELF will be explained.

images7V28FKCPTo change we first need to own and transform our emotional blockages, wounds or trauma’s

We are happy to help our clients transforming their mental and emotional blockages, wounds and trauma from the past. Our shamanic practices make it possible to perform complete transformations of feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness, pain, jealousy and so on. And also pave the way for reunion with lost soul parts, with soul retrieval sessions, an ancient method of healing still known with the indigenous people on every continent on this world, sharing this knowledge in the last decades and slowly coming back into western societies. These shamanic practices have been taught to us by Alberto Villoldo from The Four Winds Society and Jeanette Mantel of Amaize Education. We combine these sessions with the wonderful techniques called reconnective healing but also intensive coaching and/or hypnoses and regression sessions.

After gaining emotional freedom, you need to work on your thought patterns

master thought quoteAfter such profound healings it is important for our clients to integrate new thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns which will result in new personality traits, or a complete new being. Changing thought patterns is now easy as the wounds have healed which blocked the possibility of personality change before.

But there is some work to do, to change your thought patterns which have been selfprogrammed over many years or almost a lifetime and built their synaptic connections, like high ways in your mind. New synaptic connections can be built, but not by taking the minds old routes, the easy ways. You need to change these thought patterns and therewith you will change your feelings, emotions, behaviour and eventually your personality. By really taking an effort in this one can really change and improve in such a profound way which will benefit you and the people in relation with you.

How does the brain work, what are synapses?imagesR46IHVZC

I often advice clients to watch and understand this 18 minute youtube movie of TEDX talk of Joe Dispenza about the brain. It will make it more clear about synapses in the brain, and thought patterns. And how you have the power to change the thoughts, change your words, change your action, change your behaviour, change your being.

Explaining ‘S.O.D.A.’

From the Chopra Centre, and often lectured by davidji and Deepak Chopra the following technique is advised to stop negative thinking and change your thought. A technique to work the new synapses in your brain, and become aware of the though patterns, called SODA. Within the first seconds of thoughts coming from fear (anger, grief, pain etc.) you do:

davidji cbsSTOP —–> the limiting thoughts which bring up old behavioral patterns
OBSERVE–> take a deep breath, step back, rise above yourself, look at the situation
DETACH —> yourself from it, from the emotional reaction
ADAPT—-> to your best self, your whole being, perspective of your heart, from the place of compassion, patience, love and understanding towards others and yourself!

Here davidji explaining the SODA technique during an interview on CBS TV in USA, SODA explanation starts halfway the video.

Explaining ‘ASK YOURSELF’

I have been working on some of my own issues lately and needed to change my thought patterns in relation to this. I used SODA which works well but I came up with another technique which worked even better in changing my negative thought patterns into positive ones and so starting feeling better. It is probably useful for anybody wanting to make an effort in changing thoughts (speech, emotions, feelings, behaviour).

This is what I do: I ask myself with every (many) thought(s):

I ASK MYSELF FOR MYSELF: “Is this thought giving me a good feeling? “
When not I stop it immediately and I think a thought which does give me a good feeling

I ASK MYSELF FOR OTHER PEOPLE: “Is this nice what I think and/or say? What do I radiate/resonate? Does it make other people (the other) feel good?”
When not I stop it immediately and I think and/or say something positive.

imagesIG905MY5In this ‘technique’ the moment you ask this/these questions you made a start in STOPPING the thought and OBSERVING it, the one asking is immediately the observer. It makes it easy then to DETACH from the thought and ADAPT to an opposite thought or new positive thoughts, sayings and behaviour that fit to who you really are, to who you prefer to be. Eventually by practicing changing your thoughts, will change your words, actions, behaviour, personality traits and your being.

ASK YOURSELF helped me, so it might be helpful for you too!

Rene Brandjes

NOTE: Of course there are many thoughts linked to certain strong beliefs fixed in both your conscioussness and subconsciousness mind. Working on strong beliefs which are impeding has a need for different techniques to change. A new article will follow on that subject.

For example is your belief ..

‘People (I, you, we) can change!’

or is it …

‘People (I, you, we) cannot change, they (I, you, we) will always stay the same’

The last one is definitely an impeding or limiting belief and is certainly not serving you or others. So start by changing that belief by thinking other thoughts. Changing your conscious and subconscious impeding beliefs requires some other more profound methods then described above. An article about impeding beliefs will follow.