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Illumination, extraction and soul retrieval

Instant illumination and extraction of deep emotional problems makes it easy to chance your personality traits, by thinking new thoughts, feeling new feelings and eventually acting in new desired behavioural patterns.

Illumination, extraction and the integration of new brain synapses combined with soul retrieval are the energy medicine work, the techniques we learned at The Four Winds Society of Alberto Villoldo and by Jeanette Mantel of Amaize Education. These sacred knowledge and secret techniques, up till some decades ago, originate from the shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and Andes and have been taught to westerners. The Four Wind Society developed this into an education for doctors and therapists in both traditional medicine as complementary mental health care.

In this article we focus on describing what these shamanic techniques can mean for you in becoming healthy and restoring balance on different levels. How these techniques and procedures work in detail is something which might be explained in later articles. A real understanding of what an Illumination or an Extraction session, or a Soul Retrieval journey is, is only possible by experiencing this. In our practice we performed these sessions on hundreds of clients and so far everybody, either being into energetic work or very skeptical about this, experienced the sensations of liberation of the toxic feelings in their physical bodies with sensations of relief on emotional level. After this clients are easily capable of transforming their fixed impeding beliefs into new beneficial mental concepts. One feels lighter and cleansed. From that point on, as the healing of a deeper trauma has occurred, people are able to really chance, chance their thoughts, their feelings, their deeds and behavior and on the midterm finally a chance in personality into what used to be the desired state of being. In a soul retrieval session one experiences a reunion with that lost soul part, which you parted from in a prior traumatic experience. Either in regressions session, the actual Illumination session or during the Soul Retrieval session information about these deeper pains from traumatic events and unconscious beliefs will come for deeper insights.

It is possible for Susanne and me to assist people to transform and let go of emotional blockages as strong feelings of anger, loss, pain, loneliness, insecurity, grief or sadness, fears and so one. This actual transformation can be done in an instant, in one session. There is some work to be done before and after this one session! So it makes it easy to describe the process in three main steps.

Three steps to transformation

I. find the root of the problem, owning the unwanted emotions, insights in desired new behavior

II. illumination and extraction of the emotional blockages

III. retrieval of lost soul parts, integration of new brain synapses, desired feelings and behavior

Theoretically and also in practice and based on a certain problem it could take only three sessions to help you get rid of a deep emotional or traumatic problem and the patterns you have been bordered with for many years, a life span or even a lifetime. More important is it to embrace all three steps and acknowledge that you need to own the disrupting feelings and patterns that are reflected in your relationships and that after the illumination your engagement is needed to start thinking, feeling and acting differently. We are there to support you to get the most out of every session, our goal is it to help you as swift as you allow us to help you.

I. find the root of the problem, owning the unwanted emotions, insights in desired new behavior

 These feelings or emotions are stored in the emotional and/or mental body, by the client these feelings can be felt strongly in the physical body and we can sense and detect this in his or her energetic body (aluminous body, the energetic body field around the physical body.)
Prior to this one session it is needed to find out what is the deepest emotion bothering you and if the emotion is actually fully owned by you or if you are still in a fase of disowning it (pushing it away as being something which not belongs to him or her). A process of owning the deepest emotions or mental problems is needed to be able to come to a transformation. For example, someone who is often agitated, angry or has moments of rage can hide deeper laying feelings of grief, loneliness or other fear related issues. We learned different coaching techniques but mainly use our intuition to uncover these sometimes deeper hidden layers of emotions.
A next step will be to find the deeper root, what caused these emotions. We use different coaching techniques as voice dialogue, hypnoses- or regression therapy to find any trauma which has caused the event. It is not always necessary to unravel and discuss any remembered traumatic events, fully live through these traumas again or even find the primary root. We do surface the feelings with the techniques from the subconscious, but just the understanding and insight is the key of this search with which comes the final desire to really get rid and let go of the emotion.

II. Illumination and Extraction of the emotional blockages

With energy medicine techniques (Amazon shamanic work) called Illumination and Extraction we are able to enlighten you in this so called one session of these pains. Together with the client the mental or emotional problems will be surfaced and we just literally take it out of the aluminous and physical body. For client it is often felt in certain areas in the physical body at for example the throat, stomach or on the chest. Sometimes it even shifts from one place to another. These pains and pressures have manifested in the luminous body too in either crystallized (in one place) or liquid energies (shifting and moving).
So there it is. You are freed from the emotion. It will give you an enlightened sensation, you literally became lighter, and your vibrations go up. You might feel somewhat weak; there is an empty feeling at the places which were filled with the emotions or emotional blockages. The emotion you are freed from might have been there a long time, you are used to it, and it even served you a purpose, conscious or unconscious. Many limiting beliefs were linked to it. It is time to get rid of them now.

 III. Retrieval of lost soul parts, integrate new brain synapses, desired feelings and behavior

In the illumination process and the regression therapy sessions we often trace problems back to certain and sometimes serious traumatic events which causes or reactivated certain emotional blockages. Certain events are life changing and any child or adult will make decisions in their belief system to survive and block or separate from a part of their soul, their being. We are able to detect this with you and have a follow up session after the Illumination called Soul Retrieval. The goal of this session is to collect your lost soul part, to become more whole again. The follow up is the integration of this soul part.
After step II, the illuminations and extractions your wounds are healed, but the brain patterns thoughs, the synapses, the so called highways in your brain are still paved the old way. This needs attention. Now you need to integrate the new, new values, more light full and loving. You can make the transformation complete by focusing on this for a 21 day period after the Illumination session. We will give you the tools and instructions how to do so. You will have and integrate a ‘new contract’, a new belief system. New synapses will be built in your brain, new paradigms (new thought patterns, new concepts) which will not have the basis of the old emotion(s). It is now easier for you to change your mindset, because the emotional blockages have been removed ‘out of your bodies’. From the brain there is no connection anymore to your ‘pains’ in your bodies. As soon as you, after the illumination session, fall back in old thought patterns which can bring back some of the old feelings it will be easy (in contradiction with before the illumination) to chance your thoughts to the new paradigms again, breath them in and get back on this new track you are on. We give you the tools for this integration. The 21 days of integration are necessary to make the new pathways and make the transformation complete.

Sometimes we work this whole process in 3 sessions in a couple of weeks. Sometimes it takes more sessions to come to closure in step I. Sometimes people feel so good after step II that they feel they are ready, neglict the integration of the new or start ‘missing’ that part. They come back months or a year later, to cleans their lightbody and collect their soul part in this beautiful journey of the soul retrieval session.

By Rene Brandjes (Notes) on thursday 3d of januari 2013 at 13:04

More of how it works in your brain is explained by Joe Dispenza in his book ”Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself”. Look at this 18 minute video for a clear explanation of what is meant with old and new synapses by Joe Dispenza;