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Reconnective Healing is a rapidly growing complementary therapy. Due to it’s positive results it has frequently been investigated scientifically and substantiated. Therefore it has increasingly been recognized in mainstream medicine and is already used worldwide in several hospitals and health centers.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is for us, as practitioners, an energetic treatment method that we perform regularly with our clients, already since 2009. What we like about the Reconnective Healing method is that it is meant for the practitioner to take ‘a step back’ and to become a pure channel for healing energies and frequencies. In this way transformations can be achieved necessary for the client at that moment in time; transformations in the emotional, mental and physical body and primarily in the blueprint of those bodies, the energy body or light body. It is a unique and remarkably pure energetic method without ‘frills or fuss’. It is not specifically directed to the complaints where a client is bordered with, but it will bring chances and restores balance on what is currently needed.

With Reconnective Healing, we as practioners, let go of treating any causes and lot go of a focus on any outcome! We always enjoy doing this, it is marvelous and often miraculous to see how strong the effect of such an energetic treatment can be. Important for the success of a Reconnective Healing session is that the practitioner can work with love and is able to let go of his ego. He / she makes ‘a full step back’ and so makes it possible to achieve an optimal shift for the client that is necessary and possible at that time. A reconnective healer does not perform healing by him or herself with his or her intentions and inspirations, but acts as an intermediary channel or catalyst for the energies from higher dimensions. Reconnective healing is suitable for anyone at any time, especially for children and animals whom respond noticeable well !

A Reconnective Healing session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Our advice for optimal effect is to undergo approximately three Reconnective Healing sessions over a period of three to six weeks.

Since 2009 we are Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level I / II and since March 2015 we have been trained by Eric Pearl to Reconnective Healing Foundational Practioners (formerly known as Level I / II).

Interested in a Reconnective Healing session? Send an e-mail to Susanne Fink on or call her on 00-31-(0)6-19619066


We have performed The Reconnection for clients in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Finland, USA, Peru and Sweden. The Reconnection is wonderful and brings definite shifts. The Reconnection is a ‘once in a lifetime’ event and consists of two sessions, in succession of two days. The client is reconnected with the higher self (the universe or ‘heaven and earth’) and the latent or inactive DNA is reactivated.

The effect of The Reconnection is that clear and definitive changes come into one’s life. It is recommended for everyone. If someone undergoes The Reconnection, then any emotional shifts and transformations that follow are of a deeper quality and more definitive; old patterns are more easilt to break with permanently. We experienced this personally from 2009 and in the past six years seen this confirmed by our customers. Those who underwent The Reconnection experienced six months to a year later, clear, definite positive shifts in their lives, taken new paths, and finally successfully chanced their thinking and behavioral patterns into a desired personality.

Since 2009 we are practitioners of The Reconnection (level III) and from May 2015, we are trained to The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program (RCPP) (formerly known as Level III).

The price for The Reconnection by The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner (RCP) (formerly known as level III) in Europe is Euro 333 for two sessions on two consecutive days.

Interested in The Reconnection? Send an e-mail to Susanne Fink on or call her on 00-31-(0)6-19619066

More information on the official website of The Reconnection.


“Through our treatments with coaching sessions, hypnotherapy sessions and especially the illuminations and soul retrieval sessions, we bring the liberation of emotional blockages and mental transformations. We therefore work with our focus and intent on a certain imbalance in the René und Susannephysical, mental, emotional and energetic body. With a Reconnective Healing session we completely let go of that outcome, which makes it possible to achieve the transformations due for our client, that is in order at that time. The Reconnection brings a reconnection on a deeper soul level, permanent shifts in life and an increase in inner knowing and intuition about the path to follow, self-confidence and independence in achieving goals in life. “

 “Since 2009 we are Reconnective Healing Practitioners Level I / II / III. So since 2009 we perform Reconnective Healing (Level I / II) and The Reconnection (level III) for our clients. In March 2015 we have been trained and educated by Eric Pearl to Reconnective Healing Foundational practitioners (formerly known as Level I / II) and from May 2015, we are trained to The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner Program (RCPP) (formerly known as Level III). “


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