Susanne Fink

About Susanne

Orthomoleculair epigenetic therapy – Susanne Fink is a certified Orthomoleculair Epigenetic Therapist to be able to monitor your health and give accurate advise on supplements, food and lifestyle.

She is co founder of BUR Health and also works as a BUR Health Coach and a Teacher in de special BUR Methode © practices.

Life path

Susanne was born and raised in Graz, the capital of Styria in Austria. As a single daughter of her Croatian father Ing. Boris Hubmayer and her Austrian mother Gerda Pfingstl she lived and studied in Graz. At the age from 4 to 14 years she was selected as a talent for ballet and gymnastics and trained intensively. Later she developed her talent for painting and writing poetry.

After Gymnasium Susanne studied languages at the Karl Franzens Universitat in Graz and got her degree at the Pedagogic Academy. For many years she worked as a teacher at primary schools. Her talent and joy to help, guide and work with children came out specially in the so called ‘integrations classes’ for children with physical and mental handicaps, concentration problems and special needs due to problems at home.

Together with her husband Wolfgang Fink and friends they built their own family house on the hills near a forest. Susanne was happy, loved her work, her family life and tending the garden. She was happily married with Wolfgang until he suddenly died in mai 2007 from a brain aneurysm. She was left behind in despair with her daughter and handicapped son and lived in a kind of survival mode for almost two years. It was this traumatic experience but also the mystical and miraculous events that occurred when her husband was in coma and after he died that brought Susanne on a quest to finding answers and healing, and eventually discover and embrace her new destiny or life path.

To her surprise she was able to communicate with her diseased husband and developed a technique to receive and write down the messages. Soon after this she received more messages of diseased people for their mourning relatives. Messages for the people she knew, or by surprise during brief encounters or at request of people who learned to know about her psychic telepathic medium skills. She learned to manage this skill and until today it is of great use for several treatments in our practice. It comes to use specially in her work with autistic or other disorders with a miraculous capability to communicate on other levels with those children.

A period followed where she discovered and developed her ability for energy medicine healing methods by studying these topics and entering the more profound educational classes she felt a deep calling for.

Susanne met René in Amsterdam in 2009 at a training seminar. After travelling Peru and entering the shamanic trainingscourses together they became a loving couple. Susanne moved to Amstelveen with her daughter Nina to live with René and his two sons.

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