Remote Healing! – EN

Reconnective Healing sessions on a distance!

Susanne now lives in Amstelveen, she used to live in Graz, Austria. Some weeks ago Hannes from Graz called Susanne, asking for a remote healing session;

‘I feel very bad, the past year I developed several infections and it seems like I am picking up every virus there is. I constantly have a cold and in the last six months I had the flu twice, and for weeks. It seems as if I cannot recover and I’m constantly tired.’

Susanne made an appointment with him for a remote Reconnective Healing session. At the indicated time Hannes laid down comfortably, while Susanne worked on Hannes on a distance. A remote Reconnective Healing session is as follows; Susanne pictures herself a hologram of Hannes on the treatment table in our practice and starts the session, as if Hannes would be on that table. She starts feeling the energies of his energetic body or light body and serves as a channel for the healing frequencies that will bring Hannes back into balance.

Immediately after the session Hannes wrote:

‘Thank you, I felt everything quite clear. It was as if your hands, or actually several hands were touching me. In my head I got a very warm feeling and it felt like if it was worked on. Anyway, I feel much better already!’

Yesterday, four weeks after the session Hannes wrote Susanne again:

‘I want to thank you again. I’m so happy, I am doing so well. My feelings of colds and flu are completely gone, unbelievable how that works after just one such session. I have energy again, even in the evening after work, which I did not have for a long time. I would like to do another session just to see what will work for me now.’
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