Dream of Peace – EN

Poem from 1984

At the age of 21 Susanne Fink wrote this poem for her final exams at the Pedagogical Academy in Graz. Her theme for the graduation project was called ‘Friedenserziehung für Kinder’ or ‘Peace Education for Children’.


Dream of Peace

to bring the rainbow

into sounds,

to dream the feeling of heaven

onto the earth,

Carefully blending the green

into the red

letting yellow and purple

make music together,

with silent fingers

touching invisible strings,

Laughing, crying

the light of the rainbow

into colorful flora

disseminating itself

recovering flowers,

singing songs,

being close to children,

Carefully, very carefully

bringing the rainbow

into sounds


Poem by Susanne Fink, written in 1984

Translated by Rene Brandjes


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