BUR Health

About BUR Health

“We work with the believe to be able to connect with innovators or game changers and contribute together to accelerate the inevidable change needed on the terrains of for example healthcare, education, agriculture, lifestyle and business. Change meaning positive innovations, transformations and development with a broad respect for thriving towards the wellbeing of our planet, her waters, air, plants and the health of her inhabitants. Our core business is offering therapies to individuals in our practices for physical and chronical diseases as transforming mental and emotional blockages to return into a state of balance or homeostasis. We are open to connect with both pioneers in traditional medicine as complementary health care who are willing to cooperate in providing the proper care for our mutual clients ”


BUR Health is initiated by René Brandjes COACHING & THERAPIE and Susanne Fink NATUURGENEESKUNDE as a collobaration platform for integrative medicine. We work together in providing complementary therapy in a holistic approach for physical, mental and emotional healing and transformation. We expand our cooperation with doctors, specialists, therapists and medical centers which embrace new discoveries and holistic methods.

We support integrative medicine events in The Netherlands and Austria; happenings, lectures, workshops and educational training programs for personal development and business training with themes and topics in NLP coaching, meditation, yoga, mindfullnes, hypnotherapy, voice dialogue, reconnective healing and with a special interest in the ancient shamanic wisdom of the plant and energy medicine from the Peruvian Amazon.

We connect people in organizing events and trainingprograms for professionals working in healthcare as doctors, specialists, nurses or management.

BUR Health is also information platform for blogs, articles and reports about new discoveries in traditional and integrative medicine. We write articles about our practices in energy medicine, hypnotherapy, bio-resonance diagnostics and frequency therapies. Also we will publish interesting lectures, workshops and training programs in The Netherlands and Austria.

For the coming years our main focus is on offering treatments, therapies and coaching routes for individuals in our practices.

Susanne Fink has her practices in Aalsmeer (Holland) and Amsterdam for energy medicine, reconnective healing and computer health analysis, kinesiology testing, biofeedback-, bioresonance treatment programs (frequency therapy) and epigenetic orthomoleculair advice. Read more about Susanne …

Rene Brandjes has his practice for coaching and hypnotherapy in Amsterdam (Holland) for transformation of emotional and mental blockages, fears, fobia and trauma’s. Next to these therapies Rene can offer you coaching & guidance in (re)discovering your new life goals in work, leisure and family life. Read more about René …