About People and Life – EN

A Children’s Story

This story I wrote in 2009 for my sons Max and Stijn, for the Dutch St. Nicolaas celebration day of the 5th of December. Also I wrote personal stories for them, which I did not include. I translated it from Dutch as I would like to share it. It is meant for children. If this resonates with you, you might want to read this to your children….

Amsterdam, 5. December 2009 – for Max & Stijn


About People and about Life

People are like crystals of the innumerable snowflakes ever fallen.

Those crystals are never the same,

every crystal has his own unique beautiful shape and structure.

Sneeuwvlokken 16

The snowflake was water at first, then travelled for 50 years as

a cloud, rain, ground water, river, lake, ice, sea and fog until …

… it became a snowflake again and that goes on and on…


This long long journey made the water wise

and full of information of gratitude

and love for this beautiful planet earth.


Just like the snowflakes, no human is ever the same,

every person has his of here unique talents.

That is what you are as well, children, unique human beings,

everlasting special in your kind, with your ownest talents.

People are also very alike,

we feel the same emotions, think the same thoughts.

We all want the same, consciously or unconsciously,

deep inside we are all yearning for love and unity.

peace love happiness

Like that are the cells in your body, alike, the same,

the one cell however becomes immuncel the other a heartcel.

They are the same and they work together perfectly,

as each has it’s own unique specialty

because that is fun and they are good at it.


In a hologram of vibrating empty cells

a baby exists for 90% of water, and a grandfather for 70%.

  You are actually kind of empty, existing of vibrations and water.


This water in you was already there in the times of the dinosaurs and even before that.

Karen%20Carr%20-%20Cretaceous_Coastal_LandscapeScientists have just about discovered this emptiness in us and in our cells,

and that we and this world is kind of like a hologram which we create ourselves

with our own individual and collective thoughts, intentions and wishes …

wereld hologram

So who are you then? What is a human?

Imagine you are the snowflake and the crystal is your soul.

Then your soul has made a long journey already

before it became this snowflake you are now…

  … From life to life and now in this life and in this body.


Your soul is like a crystal and your body as a snowflake

that makes a journey until it reaches the earth

where it becomes what it needs to be on earth; snow, ice, water or damp.

It is all about this journey, the swirling, blowing away in different directions,

enjoy, rejoice and falling down peacefully on a mountain or treetop…

… exactly there where you needed to be, and what you wanted to be.


Why this story?

To make you clear that you are unique and have unique talents.

You have even more talents then you are showing right now,

and that is where you are here for,

to discover who you are, and to do what you came here for.

It is not about your birth or death,


it is about the journey, the path of your life that will always meander,

but it will be smoothly with joy and fun, as long as you follow your heart.

A journey to discover, to develop and unfold

into your true higher essence,

to create, to love and help others.

Discover who you really are,

then be what you want to be,


you can accomplish everything you like,

as long as you stay close to your heart,

your true essence, your crystal.

When you feel afraid or sad, express it,

ask for help, cry.


Feel your pain and talk about your fears!

Dive into life with all the pains and joys,

develop and learn,

fall and stand up again,

go on and discover the secrets of life;

which are love, unity, harmony, peace

and a whole lot of fun!


Live towards unity and love, live to give

and help the world and the people around you

to this paradise on earth

we humans can, will and are creating ……..

Because if you live by your heart

then you will always be

at the right place at the right time …


…. and everywhere YOU are,

there IS the newer and better world!

Your father

René Brandjes